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Welcome To KB

"Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future"
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

Dear KB Parents, 

    Welcome to our KB Learning Community!  I am happy to have your children in my class. Please remember that along with academics your children will be developing their faith, learning to work cooperatively, following directions, making new friends and having fun.


    All information regarding classroom living and policy can be found by clicking on Classroom Procedures on the KB Homepage.  Our Kindergarten Curriculum and areas of study can be found on our Welcome/Syllabus link. Homework and our Show & Tell Schedule can be found by clicking on their links.


    KB will be enjoying the works of many award winning children’s authors every month.  This month’s authors are Kevin Henkes and Mercer Mayer.  You can find some of the titles in our Monthly Author Link.  We also have a Recommended Websites that will link the children to fun learning.


    For information on monthly celebrations, holidays or activities check out our Events and Announcements.  This link will connect you to information regarding dates, times and locations.  


    Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.  I am looking forward to meeting you and your children and to starting our school year!


Mrs. Rocha


   Kindergarten  Syllabus 

We Believe (Sadlier)

This book is based on key themes in Catholic education. Topics will include:

·          The Holy Trinity

·          Saints

·          The Holy Family

·          Creation

·          Sacraments

·          Church Holidays

·          Christian Morality

·          Scripture

·          Worship

·          Prayer

Journeys  (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

The Language Arts are a very important part of the Kindergarten Curriculum.  This series will help your emergent reader/writer to gain confidence as well as skill.   Concepts will include:

·          Letter and Sound Recognition

·         Auditory Discrimination of Sounds

·          Penmanship

·          Tracking Left to Right and Top to Bottom

·          Rhyming Words

·          Comparing and Contrasting

·          Listening for Details

·          Drawing Conclusions

·          Sequencing

·          Cause and Effect

·          Listening for the Main Idea

·          Telling a Story

·          High Frequency Word Recognition

·          Sounding Out Words

Kindergarten Phonics  (Sadlier)

This book will help to reinforce some of the concepts taught in the Language Arts Series.  Lessons will include:

·          Short Vowels

·          Long Vowels

·          Auditory Discrimination of Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds

Let’s Find Out  (Scholastic)

Progress in Mathematics  (Sadlier-Oxford)

This Math Series will help your child to learn about:

·          Classification and Position

·          Number Recognition

·          Patterns

·          Graphing

·          Measurement

·          Geometry

·          Sorting

·          Telling Time to the Hour

·          Money

·          Addition Readiness

·          Subtraction Readiness

Your child will be receiving this colorful and informative periodical each week.  It does an excellent job of showcasing holidays, seasons, safety lessons, and health issues.

Science lessons will correlate with topics covered in Language Arts and Religion lessons.  We will be exploring the following:

·          The Five Senses

·          Growing and Changing

·          Being Healthy

·          Living Things

·          Properties of Matter

·          Weather

·          Earth and Sky

·          Sound, Heat, and Light

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KB Specials Schedule ( May be subject to change)

Monday - Music

Have your child bring his or her best singing voice to class

Tuesday - Art

Please send a smock to school for art. Label the smock with your child's name.

Wednesday - Physical Education

Gym uniforms and white sneakers are to be worn on "Gym Day". Label all items of clothing as all the children's uniforms are the same.

Thursday - Media Center

The children will visit the Stem Lab where they will enjoy various learning opportunities.

Friday - Show and Tell

Please help your child choose an item for Show & Tell.  Help them to practice what they will say about their item.  A schedule of topics and dates will be listed on our class home page.

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