Classroom Procedures


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Kindergarten Procedures

Dear Parents/Guardians;

I am happy to welcome your child to Kindergarten at Corpus Christi School where they will grow in faith and knowledge. I hope this letter will help to answer some of the questions you may have regarding classroom living and school policy.

Arrival/Dismissal: Kindergarten children may enter through the triple doors at the rear of the large lot between 7:40 AM and 7:55 AM. They will precede downstairs to the kindergarten classrooms. Children arriving after the 8:00 AM bell must enter through the glass doors on Kipp Avenue and will be marked tardy. Kindergarten students will be dismissed through the same triple doors at 2:40 PM.

Backpack/Folder/Correspondence: All children should bring a backpack and folder to school each day.  The school will provide the folder. Check it each day for completed work, important information or assignments. Return all completed assignments or correspondence in this folder.

Clothing: The children are required to wear their school uniform to school and follow the dress code. Label all sweaters and sweatshirts with your child’s name.  Please send a smock to school for Art activities. An old shirt is ideal.

Supplies: There will be a $30.00 supply fee for each kindergarten student. The Kindergarten supply fee is due at the Kindergarten Orientation. Checks must be made payable to Corpus Christi School. Cash will not be accepted. Please place the fee in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and “Kindergarten Supply Fee”.  Please bring the with you when you attend the Kindergarten Orientation. This fee will cover the cost of primary pencils, crayons, paper, scissors, watercolor paints, school pocket folder and glue. These items will be waiting for your child in the classroom. You will not need to send these items from home. The following supplies will also be needed: copy paper

tissues, paper towels, Ziploc bags(quart, gallon and sandwich size), Lysol or Clorox wipes and baby wipes.  These supplies will be shared by the class. If you are able to donate any of these supplies please bring them to Kindergarten Orientation. Your generosity is most appreciated!

Snack/Lunch: Parents are responsible for providing snacks and lunch each day. Lunches may be sent from home or purchased online. If sending lunch from home, please keep in mind the following: Lunch should be sent in a labeled lunch box.  Snack must be packed in a bag (paper, cloth or insulated), labeled “Snack” with your child’s name. Lunch and snack must be packed separately. This prevents children from mixing up their snacks and lunches.  Napkins, drinks, straws and utensils should accompany all food. If you choose to purchase lunch for your child please follow the guidelines sent home by the catering service. Healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt or cheese are encouraged. Please keep in mind Corpus Christi is a


Homework: Please review the completed work that your child brings home each day.  Some children may need extra reinforcement. All of the children should memorize their

phone numbers, addresses, and birth dates. Please check your child’s pocket folder each day for homework assignments. Completed homework assignments should be returned in your child’s folder on the next school day.

Show And Tell: Schedules and dates for Show and Tell will be posted on the KB Webpage.  Please help your child find an item and review what your child will tell the class about it.  Do not send sharp objects or violent toys for Show and Tell.


Birthdays: If you would like your child to celebrate their birthday in school please let me know in advance. All food must be NUT FREE and made in a facility that does not process tree nuts. Please supply a juice box or mini water bottle and a brownie, cookie, ice cream cup, or doughnut for each child in the class, (Dunkin’ Donuts are not nut free.).  Ingredient lists must accompany all food. Please supply paper plates and napkins. Do not send in any goody bags and/or party favors. Goody bags and/or party favors will be returned to you if you sent in.  Party supplies should be brought to school by 8:00 AM on the day of the celebration. Parents are not permitted to attend classroom birthday parties.

Star Student: Each Friday a “Star Student” will be chosen. Every child will have a chance to complete a special poster over the weekend. They will then return it to school on Monday to share with the class.  Please help them to artfully complete the poster. This project helps build confidence and self esteem.

Kindergarten Celebration Fee: Holiday celebrations are an exciting part of Kindergarten!  There will be a $30 Celebration Fee for each Kindergarten child. Checks must be made payable to Corpus Christi Home/School Association.  Cash will not be accepted. The Kindergarten Celebration Fee is due at Kindergarten Orientation. Please bring the envelope with you when you attend the Kindergarten Orientation. The celebration fee will cover the cost of paper goods, plastic utensils, food, beverages, and/or other party supplies that will be needed throughout the year.  We will be having a Halloween Costume Party, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Party, Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Social, St. Patrick’s Day Party, Bunny Brunch, and Farewell Luau and other celebrations this year. On certain occasions, school-authorized party favors/presents will be distributed. Please do not send in your own party favors/presents to be passed out in class. Any unauthorized party favors/presents will be returned to you.

Monthly Authors: We will be exploring the works of different authors each month. Authors are listed on the KB Webpage. Please look for their books when you visit the library and encourage your child to share these books with our class.

Mrs. Rocha