News and Events 2017 - 2018

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“America’s future walks through our doors every day.”

Mary Jean LeTendre

Welcome to Corpus Christi Kindergarten. I am happy to have your children in my class. I have always felt that a child’s first introduction to school determines how he or she perceives their future school experience. I hope this year’s class finds kindergarten to be a positive experience in which they can grow spiritually as well as academically.

Mrs. Christine Rocha

APRIL 2018

Dear Parents,

April is National Poetry Month. One of my favorite poets is Shel Silverstein. I will be sharing some of his poems with the children. Please feel free to send any of the children’s favorite poems in to share with the class.

We are looking forward to our Grandparents’  Social this month!  Check below for more information.

The children are continuing to progress in Language Arts. We are working on reading for fluency and will soon begin our long vowel sounds.  Please continue practicing HFW’s, (High Frequency Words) and CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words at home. This month’s Math includes measurement.  We will also be learning about different ways to reduce, recycle, reuse and take care of God’s gift of the earth.

Authors for the month will be Gene Zion and Jan Brett.

Mrs. Rocha


April Events

School Reopens on April 9

12 Noon Dismissal - Students will be dismissed at 12 noon on Friday, April 13.  Please send snack. Only send lunch if your child is attending after-care.

Grandparents’ Social Wednesday, April 25 - All grandparents are invited to our Grandparents’ Social.  Uniforms will not need to be worn on this day. Girls should wear black shorts, pants, or skirts.  Boys should wear black pants or shorts. Girls and boys should wear solid red shirts. Boys and girls will be given Mickey Mouse ears to wear.  The festivities will take place in the cafeteria from 1:30 PM until 2:30 PM. The children will entertain the grandparents and then join them for refreshments.  Dismissal time and procedures will remain the same on April 25.

March News 2018

Dear Parents,

We will be learning about and celebrating St. Patrick and St. Joseph as both their feast days are this month. We will also be hunting for Easter Eggs that the bunny has promised to hide in our classroom.  An Easter Brunch is planned with bagels, fruit, cereal, juice and doughnuts.  Please click on our KB web page for all information.

This month’s author is Dr. Seuss, also known as Ted Geisel or Theo LeSieg. On March 2 we will participate in “Read Across America”, in honor of Dr. Seuss. Please encourage your child to visit the library and share one of his books with the class.

Love, Mrs. Rocha


March Events


Read Across America - Friday, March 2 in honor of Dr. Seuss, the children will be celebrating with “Pajama Day”. Please have your child wear sneakers, as no slippers will be allowed for their safety. Dr Seuss hats will be given to each student.

12:00 Noon Dismissal - There will be a 12:00 dismissal on Friday, March 2 and Friday, March 9.  There will be no lunch served on this day, only send lunch if your child is attending aftercare.

St. Patrick’s Feast Day - We will be celebrating St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland with a special treat on Friday, March 16 His feast day is on Saturday, March 17 this year.  

Scholastic Book Fair - The Kindergarten will be visiting the Scholastic Book Fair in the school auditorium on March 19 (time to be announced). Parents are invited to help us shop.

Spirit Day - Our monthly Spirit Day will be held on Monday, March 26. A $2.00 donation is asked for the privilege of wearing purple. All proceeds will go to The Anita Kauffman Foundation for Epilepsy.

Presentation of the Passion - Our school community will be attending the Presentation of the Passion on Tuesday, March 27 at 1:00 PM in the chapel.  All are invited.

Easter Egg Hunt - The Easter Bunny will be hiding eggs for each student to find in our classroom. We will be hunting for eggs bright and early on Wednesday, March 28.  Be on time.

School Liturgy - Please join us for our school liturgy 9:00, on Wednesday, 
March 28.

Easter Brunch - We will have an Easter Brunch on Wednesday, March 28.  The menu will include milk, cereal, bagels, doughnuts, bananas, and orange juice.

12:00 Noon Dismissal/No After-Care - There will be a 12:00 dismissal on Wednesday, March 28. There will be no after-care. Do not send lunch.  All students must be picked up by 12:00 noon.

Easter Break - School will be closed for Easter break on March 29, Holy Thursday and reopen on Monday, April 9

February 2018  

Dear Parents,

The children will be 100 days smarter this February!   We are celebrating by dressing as 100-year-old people.  Lent begins February 13, Ash Wednesday.  We will be receiving ashes at the 9:00 mass in the chapel.  Please join us.

The children are being introduced to 6 additional words each week. Please continue practicing our “High Frequency Words” and “Consonant Vowel Consonant” words each day to promote reading fluency.

In math we are working on addition and subtraction skills.  Please help to reinforce these operations with your child at home.  Use buttons, goldfish or Cheerios as manipulatives to help them better understand these concepts.

As always I thank you for your continued cooperation.

February Authors are Laura Numeroff and Jonathan London.

Mrs. Rocha 

“Love One Another As I Have Loved You”



February Events 2018

12:00 Dismissal -There will be a noon dismissal Friday, February 2. Please send snack.  Do not send lunch unless your child is attending after-care.

“100th Day Of School” - The children will be 100 days smarter on Tuesday, February 13. The children will be allowed to dress up as if they are 100 years old. Uniforms do not have to be worn on this day. Ideas for dressing as 100 year olds will be sent home via folders. Please be sure that your child is able to maneuver safely in the clothes that are worn on the 100th Day.

Valentine Cards - The children are encouraged to send cards to their classmates. Valentine cards are not mandatory, but if you wish to send them, please be sure to include one for each student in KB.   A class list was sent home.  Please print the first and last name of the outside of each envelope.  Place the envelopes in alphabetical order and secure them with a rubber band or place them in a Ziploc bag.  If you are attaching edible treats to the cards, they must be nut-free. Please send the original packaging to school so that the ingredient list can be checked. Edible treats that are not accompanied by the ingredient list from the original packaging will not be distributed. All cards should be sent to school not later than Friday, February 9.  This will allow us time to sort the cards into each student’s Valentine bag.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Mardi Gras and Valentine Ice Cream Sundae - Tuesday, February 13 - We will be celebrating New Orleans style with masks and beads during our classroom parade! The children will also be enjoying ice cream to celebrate Valentine's Day with their choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream and toppings.

Ash Wednesday - We will be receiving ashes at the 9:00 mass in the chapel. Please join us.

Monday, February 19 - In observance of President’s Day, school will be closed.

January 2018

I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Authors for the month are  Ezra Jack Keats and Bernard Warber.  Please look for these authors when visiting the library.

Please continue working with your child at home reviewing the skills we are learning each day in class, including practicing High Frequency Words, sounding out CVC words and writing sentences to go with pictures they may draw for you. Together we can encourage your child to have continued success in reading.

In Math we are beginning our chapter on tally marks, graphs and fractions.

We will also be learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and how his peaceful approach to change, benefits a new generation of children.  School will be closed on the 16th in observance of his day.

Catholic Schools Week begins the last Sunday in January. You are invited to visit our classroom. Daily events and activities are planned for the week’s celebration. There will be many opportunities for you to share in this week with your child. Please check announcements on the class web site for more details.

January Events

School Reopens - Wednesday, January 3, school will reopen.

Noon Dismissal - There will be a 12:00 noon dismissal on Friday, January 12. Please send a snack. Only send lunch if your child is attending after-care.

Spirit Day - Spirit Day will be held Friday, January 12. Color for the day is blue. There is a $1.00 donation for the privilege of dressing down.

Liturgy  (TO BE RESCHEDULED) - We will be joining our school community for Mass on Monday, January 8, at 9:00 in the chapel. You are invited to join us.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - School will be closed in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 15.

Class trip - Kindergarten along with grades 1-3 will be traveling to Immaculate Heart Academy on Wednesday, January 10 to see a performance of Once Upon a Time: The Trial of Goldilocks. Arrival and Dismissal times and procedures will remain the same on the day of the trip. The cost of the trip is $5 per student which includes the bus. Please send snack and lunch to school on the day of the trip. We will not be purchasing food from the cafeteria.


Catholic Schools Week Activities

“Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service”

January 28 - February 2, 2017

Sunday, January 28

  • Opening Mass - All students, families, and friends are invited to attend the Opening Mass at 12:00 noon in the Chapel.
  • Open House - Visitors are welcome from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM January 28. Please be sure to stop by the Kindergarten classroom to see the wonderful displays that the children have created.

 Monday, January 29

  • Celebrating our students - Ice cream will be served during lunch.
  • Mad Hatter's Tea Party - The children may dress down and wear their craziest hats and silliest socks to school. A special treat of ice tea and cookies will be served during snack.

Tuesday, January 30

  • Prayer Service The Kindergarten will join our school community at a Prayer Service in the Chapel at 8:30 AM. The theme will be "The Body of Christ". Students should wear their regular uniforms.

Wednesday, January 31

  • Blue and Gold Day - Show your school spirit! The Kindergarten will join the student body in dressing in our school colors.

Thursday, February 1

  • Career Day - Kindergarten will be exploring various careers on this day.  The Kindergarten students are allowed to dress as "What They Want To Be When They Grow Up".

Friday, February 2 -

  • Pep Rally - Kindergarten will be cheering on our school's teams during a Pep Rally to be held in the gym. Kindergarten students should wear their gym uniforms.
  • Student Faculty Volleyball Game - Kindergarten students will be watching this annual fun and friendly competition.
  • 12 Noon Dismissal - Please send snack.  Do not send lunch unless attending after-care.

December 2017



Advent is here and Christmas is just around the corner!  Your children are excited and eager to learn about baby Jesus.

They will be participating in our advent wreath ceremony and prayers each week in preparation for Christmas.

There are many activities planned for the children this month, here are just a few.   (Please check “Events” for dates and times).


·      Santa's Workshop

·      The Tree Lighting with our 8th grade buddies

·      Christmas Concert

·      Christmas Party

This month’s author is Doreen Cronin. We will also be reading Christmas Stories.

Please continue to have your child practice their High Frequency Words and Consonant Vowel Consonant Words so that the children may improve their reading fluency.

May God bestow upon you a Blessed Christmas and Healthy and Happy New Year.

Mrs. Rocha


December Events

Spirit Day Friday, December 1

This month's colors are red and green. Please send a $2.00 donation.

Noon Dismissal -No Aftercare Friday December 1.

All students must be picked up by 12 Noon.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday, December 5 and Wednesday, December 6 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM and 6:00 – 8:00 PM. Parents will be seen on a “first come first serve” basis.

Feast of The Immaculate Conception

We will be celebrating Mass at 9:00 in the Chapel on Friday, December 8.  Please join us.

Santa's Workshop

The children will be shopping at Santa’s Secret Workshop on Tuesday December 12 at 12:45. Parents are encouraged to meet their children in the upper cafeteria and help their children shop. If you are not able to attend, but would like your child to participate please put the money in a labeled envelope with the names of the people they are shopping for.

Tree Lighting Ceremony

On Friday, December 15, our 8th grade Buddies will be our special guests for our classroom tree lighting.

Christmas Concert

Our Christmas Concert will be held on Wednesday, December 20 in the Chapel. The boys should wear a white turtleneck shirt, khaki pants and black shoes.  The girls should wear a white turtleneck shirt, khaki skorts, white anklet socks and their blue or black shoes. The children will be wearing their Choir Robes over their clothes. Please have them arrive at 6:30 in their classroom.  The concert begins promptly at 7:00 PM.  The children will be dismissed to their parents from the classroom following the concert.

Advent Prayer Service  

Our school community will gather in the chapel at 9:00 Friday, December 22.  Please join us.

Christmas Party and 12 Noon Dismissal   

The Home School Association will treat the children to a party on December 22.

All children must be picked up by 12:00 on December 22. School will be closed from December 22 and reopen on January 3.

Have a Blessed Christmas!

November News 2017


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are planning some very special events for the Kindergarten.

Our focus will be on people and things we are thankful for.  We will also be discussing ways we can help others who are in need.

We open this month with our annual food drive.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could send in non-perishable food items. We will be collecting food and filling our class basket.  The basket will be sent to families in our area.  The children are very excited about this project because they know that they are helping others less fortunate.

Our biggest event will be the celebration of our very own Thanksgiving Feast. The menu will include turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, and apple juice.

Here's our academic update.

Language Arts We are reading and blending CVC words. Please study the word cards that were sent home at the beginning of the year.

Math - the children are learning to read write and understand the value of numbers 0-10.  They are also identifying one to one correspondence, fewer, more, fewest and most.

Social Studies - We are learning about The First Thanksgiving.

Science - The children will be able to recognize habitats of animals that live in a pond and a meadow.

Authors for the month of November are Eric Carle and Leo Lionni.

For detailed information about our events please look below.

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you and your families.

Mrs. Rocha






November Events

Winter Uniform

November 1 On Wednesday 11/1  all students will be wearing their winter uniform. Boys are to wear khaki pants, school logo shirts, and black shoes.  Girls are to wear plaid jumpers or khaki pants, school logo shirts, navy blue knee socks or tights, and navy blue or black shoes with buckles or laces.  Only school sweaters or fleece jackets with our school logo may be worn in class.  On gym days, school tee shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and sneakers must be worn.

All Saint’s Day Liturgy

The Kindergarten will be attending 9:00 Mass in the chapel Wednesday, November 1. Parents are invited.

12 Noon Dismissal

The children will be dismissed at 12 Noon on Friday, November 3 and Wednesday, November 8 so the teachers may attend a faculty meeting.  Send snack. There is no lunch served on this day. Only children attending after care should bring lunch with them.

Thanksgiving Prayer Service

Kindergarten will be joining with the whole school for our Thanksgiving Prayer Service on November 22 at 9:00 in the chapel.

Kindergarten Feast with all the trimmings will be celebrated on November 22 in the cafeteria. Please do not send snack on this day.

Noon Dismissal

School will be dismissed at 12 Noon on Wednesday, November 22, for The Thanksgiving Vacation. There is no aftercare on this day.  All children must be picked up by 12:00.  School will reopen on Tuesday, November 28.  Have a very Blessed Thanksgiving!

October News 2017

October is already here and the children are very excited about our upcoming fall activities.  We are learning about St. Francis and his devotion to Jesus, especially his kindness to animals and his love of all God’s creation.  We are also looking forward to our Halloween celebration ant the end of the month.

Please review all the papers that are sent home each night in order to reinforce the skills that have been taught during class.  Be sure to practice the “High Frequency Words” and “Consonant Vowel Consonant Words” that were sent home.  By practicing the words each night the children will become more fluent when reading them therefore they will also become more confident in their reading.  

This month we are learning about Geometry and Patterning in our Math class. Look for solid and plane figure shapes with your children at home.  They are very excited to find objects that look like cylinders, spheres, cubes, cones and rectangular prisms.

Don’t forget this month’s author is Tomie dePaola and Don Freeman along with some Halloween stories.

Mrs. Rocha

October Events

Liturgy October 2, Monday     Please join our school community in the chapel for 9:00 mass.

Feast of St. Francis The children will be learning about St. Francis, his love of God’s creation, animals and devotion to the poor.

Picture Day     October 4, Wednesday is picture day.  All children must wear the winter uniform. Girls should be wearing plaid jumpers, white knit school logo shirts (long or short sleeve), navy knee socks and black or blue oxford shoes. Boys should be wearing khaki pants, white knit school logo shirts (long or short sleeve), black or blue socks and black oxford shoes.

Noon Dismissal     There will be a 12 noon dismissal on Friday, October 6. Please send snack. Only send lunch if your child is attending after-care.

Columbus Day     School will be closed Monday, October 9, in observance of Columbus Day.

Professional Day    School will be closed Monday, October 16, in order for the faculty to attend professional development.

Halloween Party     Kindergarten may wear their costumes to school for our Halloween party on Monday, October 31. Parents are invited to meet in the parking lot on the Boulevard and Kipp Avenue at 1:00 PM. The children will perform a few Halloween songs and then parade around the lot. Please bring your cameras for this “photo opt” opportunity. In case of inclement weather the parade will be held in the gym. The children will then return to their classroom to enjoy their party. Dismissal time and location will remain the same.  

September Events 2017

Kindergarten Orientation

Orientation will take pace on Wednesday, September 6 at 9:00 AM in KB. Orientation is for both parents and students and will last until 10:00 AM. Students will be dismissed to their parents at this time.

12:00 Noon Dismissal   There will be a Noon dismissal on Thursday, September 7 through Friday September 8 for kindergarten. Please send a snack.  Do not send lunch. There will be no after care on these days. All students must be picked up at 12 noon.

Opening Liturgy

Mass will be celebrated on Monday, September 18 at 9:00 AM in the chapel. All parents are invited to attend.

Back-to-School-Night Our Home School Association meeting will be held on Thursday, September 21 at 7:00 PM.


Under Construction


June 2017

Dear Parents,

As we approach the end of the year I can’t help

but reflect on the growth and progress your children have made since their
first day of Kindergarten.  This is
always a bittersweet time of the year for me.  While I am happy to see that the children are prepared for
first grade.  I am also a little
sad to let them go.  It has been a
great journey but the journey continues.

Special thanks go to my class moms, Mrs. Finnerty and Mrs. Kloza who were always there with a helping hand to make all of our events so much fun and so successful.  I also want to thank every one who signed up for our class parties and supplies; your contributions were much appreciated.
Please check the web site for information about graduation.

Moving forward please know that I will be here in the future to help your children in anyway I can.  They will always be my children.

Our June Author is James Dean.  (We love Pete the Cat)

I hope you all have a safe and fun filled summer.
God bless you and your families.

Love Mrs. Rocha

June Events




12 Noon Dismissal – The children will be dismissed a 12 Noon on Friday, June 2.  Send a snack. Only send lunch if your child is attending after-care.


Liturgy – On Monday, June 5, the children will join our school community at the 9:00 AM Mass in the chapel.  Parents are invited to attend.

Luau Party Monday, June 12 the children will enjoy fresh fruit, ice pops, chips and juice to celebrate the years end.  The children may wear their summer clothes on this day.


12 Noon Dismissal – The children will be dismissed a 12 Noon on Monday, June 12.  Send a snack. Only send lunch if your child is attending after-care.

Kindergarten Graduation will be held on Tuesday, June 13 in the chapel. The children will report to their classroom at 8:30 in their caps and gowns.

Children should be dressed in their caps and gowns on Graduation Day.  The children must wear their summer uniforms under their gowns.  Boys must wear khaki shorts, white knit uniform polo shirts, white socks, and white sneakers.  Girls must wear khaki skorts, white knit uniform polo shirts, white socks, and white sneakers.  Please make sure you have secured the cap with clips or bobby pins and arranged the tassel on the right side. No boutonnieres, wristlets, or corsages may be worn.

Parents may proceed to the chapel after dropping their child off in the classroom. Graduation begins promptly at 9:00 AM.

All center and side aisles of the chapel must remain clear at all times so that the Kindergarten students may pass through safely. Small children must remain seated with an adult to supervise them.  

Older siblings are permitted to leave their classes at 8:50 AM and proceed to the chapel to attend the ceremony.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, older siblings will report back to their classes.  

Following the ceremony the children will return to the front of the chapel for a “photo-opt”. The children will then return to their classroom to receive their diploma and report card.  They will then be dismissed from the classroom to their parents. Tuesday, June 13 will be the last day of the school year for kindergarten.


Congratulations to all and may God bless you always.

Love, Mrs. Rocha

May 2017

Dear Parents,

The children are springing into May with; our Walk-A-Thon for the benefit of the Corpus Christi Playground, Ascension Thursday, Field Day and The Kindergarten Field Trip to Liberty Science Center.  Please click on announcements for details.

May is the month of Mary, our Blessed Mother.  The children will be learning how to say the rosary.  Join them in their devotion at home as a family.

Our May author is Mo Willems. Please continue to review the children's work each day as they ready themselves for first grade in September.

Mrs. Rocha

May Events


On Friday, May 5, Corpus Christi School will hold a Walk-A-Thon to raise money for the new playground at the Early Childhood Learning Center.  PreK 3, PreK 4, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade will be able to enjoy the playground.  Our CCS community will be participating in the Walk-A-Thon.  The children should wear their gym uniforms and sneakers.  If any of the children has an “I’m Building a Playground” shirt, they may wear it in place of their gym shirt. Please send a disposable water bottle labeled with your child’s name and grade to use during the walk.  

12:00 Dismissal

There will be a 12:00 dismissal on Friday, May 5. Please send snack.  Send lunch only if your child is attending after-care.

Faculty Professional Day

The faculty will be attending a ProfessionDay on Tuesday, May 9.  There will be no classes for students on this day.

Field Day 

Our annual Field Day will be on Friday, May 12. The children should wear gym uniforms and sneakers. Please be sure to send your child with a snack, drink and an extra water bottle. Both should be in a disposable bag labeled with your child's name and grade.  A gallon plastic baggie is sturdy enough so that it will not rip from the condensation of the water bottle). The children will be walking to the field, participating in various activities, and walking back to school.

Kindergarten Class Trip

The KB Kids will be exploring the exhibits at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ on Thursday, May 18. The teachers and students will travel by bus.  Chaperones are responsible for their own transportation. All chaperones must be "Protecting God's Children" certified. Information regarding fees and permission slips has been sent home.  All fees and permission slips are due on or before May 1.  Arrival and dismissal times/procedures will remain the same on the day of the trip.  The Kindergarten children will need to wear their gym uniforms on the day of the trip.  We will be eating lunch at the Liberty Science Center.  All Kindergarten children and chaperones must bring bag lunches from home on the day of the trip.  All food containers, beverage containers, etc. must be disposable.

Ascension Thursday

We will celebrate The Liturgy 9:00 Thursday, May 25 in the Chapel.  Parents are invited to join our school community

Ice Cream Truck

After lunch on the 25th, the children will enjoy a visit from the ice cream truck provided by the HSA. A DJ will also be provided for the children's enjoyment.

Memorial Day Weekend

School will be closed on Friday, May 26 and Monday May 29, in observance of the holiday. 

Enjoy the weekend!



Don’t forget to review reading and math skills over vacation.

Visit a library, go to the zoo, explore a museum or read a book. There are many learning opportunities waiting for you this summer. 

Check out KB’s recommended web sites on a rainy day.

Go outside and enjoy God’s creation.