Show and Tell 2016 - 2017

Show and Tell will be held on full-session Fridays.  Please assist

your child in selecting an item according to the assigned topic.  

Help your child practice saying a few things about the item.  

Do not send in sharp objects or violent toys for Show and Tell.  

Thank you for your consideration.

Sept. 16     

Sept. 23   Sept. 30     

Oct. 14       

Oct. 21       

Nov. 11       

Nov. 18       

Dec.   9       

Dec. 16       

Jan.  13      

Jan. 20      

Jan. 27       

Feb. 10       

Feb. 17       

Feb. 24       

Mar. 10       

Mar. 17       

Mar.  24      

Mar.  31         

Apr. 28        


stuffed animal

favorite item of clothing

that you can use in the kitchen

something that reminds you of the fall season

Halloween decoration 

something that you are thankful for  

something that you made with your own hands

Christmas card

Christmas decoration

something that makes noise

something that you play with or use in the snow

favorite healthy snack

Valentine decoration

something that you keep/save money in  

something you can use for measuring

something that represents your favorite hobby   

unusual/exotic fruit or vegetable  

something that can be used in the garden

Easter decoration

something that can be used at the beach

children's choice


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